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Yeah, that's right, we're the children of Gawd.
– -Regina to Littlepip
Chapter 40
Regina Grimfeathers
Art by icekatze
Full Name Regina Grimfeathers
Race Griffin
Sex Female
Faction/Role Gawd's Talons


Family Gawdnya Grimfeathers- Mother

Kage Grimfeathers- Brother

Status Alive

Regina (a.k.a. Reggie) Grimfeathers is a minor character in Fallout: Equestria.


Reggie meets Littlepip and the gang in New Appleloosa following the Enclave attack. Regina is Gawdnya Grimfeathers's adolescent daughter and Kage's twin sister. She and her brother are shown to have known Calamity prior to meeting Littlepip. After Silver Bell's party, Reggie and Kage decide to join Littlepip on her journey.

During their time with Littlepip, Kage was killed, causing Reggie great despair. Regina stayed with Littlepip's group as they lured the Wonderbolts into Everfree Forest, where they planned to ambush them and reveal the Enclave's corruption using Calamity's memories. While in Everfree, Reggie is attacked by Killing Joke. This attack gives her a wound similar to the one that killed her brother, due to her belief that she should have died in his place. She barely survives the attack.

Reggie also assisted in Littlepip's assault on Neighvarro by working with her mother and Blackwing's talons to clear the cloud cover above Tenpony Tower, allowing the ponies inside to use the megaspell Celestia One.

During the fighting, Reggie is knocked out of the sky to her supposed death but returns to the fray, wielding the recently deceased Butcher's signature weapon, Little Gilda. She survived thanks to receiving the same alchemical augmentation that Xenith brewed for Littlepip.


Reggie is depicted as a sarcastic deadpan snarker. Following her brother's death, however, she finds herself trying to follow his example and be more compassionate, setting aside her lust for revenge on Colonel Autumn Leaf in order to save the prisoner aboard the Raptor Overcast.


Using her talons, Reggie is able to smoke cigarettes, manipulate the pegasi's cloud technology, and (to the confusion of most ponies) play "rock, paper, scissors".

She carries two pistols (cut down from rifles by Calamity) that she wields akimbo throughout the story.

Behind the Scenes[]

Regina's pistols are a reference to Deckard's handgun in the movie Blade Runner. The Fallout series has included this reference in most of its games in the form of the .223 pistol since the original Fallout.