Road Town is an independent settlement, located within the ruins of the pre-war zebra capital of Roam.


Road Town is a settlement set up near the edge of Roam. The town acts as one of the few access points to Roam, unguarded by the Legion. Road Town has its own defensive militia to protect itself from attacks and has to deal with pressure from the Legion who wish to annex and control the settlement.


Via Oppidium (Zebra imperial speak -- aka Latin -- for Road Town) is built within the fissures and cracks of the roads of a four-way intersection within a business district on the outskirts of Roam. To deal with floods that may come with whatever rain arrives, all the structures -- whether shanty shacks or more substantial stations -- have several split-open pipes at the entrance that lead out of the town.

As of yet, the town has a bar, a medical station, a guard station, several animal pens with brahmin inside, and uses one of the buildings nearby as the office of Conductor, the town's duly appointed representative.

The town is surrounded by high fences, which have gates that allow access to the settlement.

Notable Residents

  • Bane
  • Myst
  • Conductor
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