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The architecture of Roam is very similar to real life Rome.

Roam is the capital city of the Roaman empire (the non-canonical Zebra empire at war with Equestria during the Great War) mentioned in many side stories, but first truly appearing in the sidefic Fallout: Equestria - New Roam.

Role in the War

Roam was, according to various characters, the industrial heart of the Zebra empire. Investment in it reached such a point that underground facilities were constructed simply to house more factories and bunkers. It is thought by Goldwreath that a certain underground chamber where he was held prisoner was actually a chamber used by one of the zebra legate's special operations group.

Roam's role in the war was, basically, the center of all zebra efforts to counter Equestrian pushes into the land and to attack Equestrian locations. Around the city, in the desert, there are many facilities utilized by various organizations. One such facility is the ZSI (Zebra Scientific Institution) Roaman area HQ.

Appearance and Portrayal

Roam is portrayed much like real-life Rome in terms of classical appearance -- many statues, use of marble in nearly every structure (save the modern ones), large and grand monuments, like the Oculus, and so forth. The city is said to be very large, as according to one of the characters in New Roam: "It would take three days to get to the Forum, even if the streets were clear." This leads to speculation as to just how large Roam actually is.

Roam consisted of two major sections during the war: the east side and west side, divided by an unnamed river (likely the Tiber river). It was the west side that was hit directly by a megaspell, completely levelling that side and turning it into a black crater. Roam is surrounded by a tropical desert, though the dessert has more similarities to African Savannah's than Asian desserts. The lands outside the tropical dessert's boundaries are unknown, though it is assumed that further off are where the other Roaman cities were built.

Many structures still stand today, due to the fact that the east side was almost unaffected by the blast of the megaspell that destroyed the western side. Still, what the bomb failed to level, the war between Roam's many powerful factions -- with the Legion being the most threatening -- has. As it is, Goldwreath -- the main character of New Roam -- describes the city of Roam several times with descriptions like: "A graveyard of great opulence lost long ago."

However, while most of the city still is intact, the western district -- the side hit directly by the megaspell -- was reduced to a gigantic crater.

Notable Monuments and Locations

  • The Colosseum
  • The Oculus
  • The Great Library of Alexandria
  • The Forum
  • The Circus Maximus
  • The Tiber River
  • The Road of Triumphs
  • The Castra Praetoria
  • The western crater
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