Robo-scorpions are a mechanical variation of the Radscorpions that are rarely found within the depths of the Equestrian Wastelands. While they have never appeared anywhere in the Fallout: Equestria canon, they have, however, appeared at least one side story to date.


Unlike normal Radscorpions, Robo-Scorpion's overall appearance are completely mechanical, with metallic claws and robotic eyes. Their body shells are extremely durable against most weapons and can easily deflect bullets (though are rather weak against energy weapons) with relative ease. Their colors are yellow for the main body, four red eyes that are visible through acrylic glass, green stripes from the sides of their tails and red highlights on their backs, claws (with a chrome finish to it) and tails. They do not inject venom against their prey like normal Radscorpions would, but instead fire off lasers from their tails at considerable distances.

When killed, they self-destruct after a few seconds, which can deal a deadly amount of damage if close to its blast radius.



So far, a lone robo-scorpion makes its appearance near the end of Chapter Five, who is known as Bob and is owned by a young filly, Tootsie Roll. Unlike many other Robo-scorpions, Bob is far more self-aware than any other sentient robots and is often referred to as a male.


  • Robo-Scorpions are obviously based off of Fallout's Old World Blues in Fallout: New Vegas. They are not found anywhere else in the Wastelands (specifically New Vegas).
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