Automated sentries that still function are plentiful in certain corners of the Equestrian Wasteland. Products of late-war Earth Pony engineering, they continue to carry out their creator's will to this day.

Several varieties of robots exist. A Sprite-bot can be considered a robot, but nearly as common are the myriad of defence robots working to keep certain areas secure. Defence robots are unique in that they have an organic brain for making decisions. Turrets, on the other hand, assess threats in a similar way to a PipBuck's Eyes-Forward Sparkle. It would seem that most turrets and robots conclude that anything moving constitutes a threat.

Robot TypesEdit

  • Tracked: Built to somewhat resemble a pony. Most commonly seen as the Robobrain with its clear domed head that houses a brain, and its two manipulators at its side.
  • Multi-limbed: Like a spider, some arms ending in buzzsaws and flamethrowers.
  • Levitating: Most commonly known in Sprite-bots and different kinds of Mister Handy
  • Wheeled: There is two common different kinds of wheeled robots. The multi wheeled Ultra-Sentinel and the many different editions of the mono wheeled Ponitron