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Rotting Tail, more commonly known as Sheriff Rotting Tail, was a ghoul that lead a large following of ghouls, determined to gain entry to Tenpony Tower.



Nothing is known about Rotting Tail's history, although he was possibly a pre-war sheriff and kept the title after becoming a ghoul.

Present Day

Rotting Tail became the leader of a large number of ghouls, who were seen as a threat by the bigoted security chief of Tenpony Tower, Chief Grim Star. Rotting Tail knew of a underground tunnel in a building near Tenpony Tower that was full of feral ghouls and was planning on unleashing them on the tower if they were forced to try and gain entry. Rotting Tail was killed by Blackwing's Talon's who were hired by Grim Star to kill him. Killing the ghoul turned the rest of his followers hostile, they were wiped out by the talons in self defense.

Littlepip later discovers the bodies of Rotting Tail and his followers and arranges a large funeral pyre for them, instead of leaving them to rot. The slaughter of Rotting Tail and his followers was later broadcast by DJ Pon3 as a unprovoked massacre, Grim Star refusing to comment on the action.

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles

Rotting Tail is one of the main characters of The Ditzy Doo Chronicles.



Rotting Tail was clearly charismatic, given the large number of followers he acquired. He was adamant about gaining entry to Tenpony Tower, due to the better living conditions and was prepared to use force to get in. He was said to have been going mad/feral by Blackwing when she spoke to Littlepip and her friends, after their rescue from Horseshoe Tower.