SAF-35 concept art

SAF-35 was a model of a steam-powered automobile produced by Seventrych Automobile Factory before the Great War in Fallout Equestria: The Rejected Ones timeline.

It was one of the many models produced by SAF factory located in Seventrych, Aquitaine and the very last one equipped with obsolete steam engine, before moving on onto more modern petrol ones. The car was a front wheel drive, front engined, four-door liftback. One of it's most distinctive feature were it's four wheels at the front, powered by train-like coupling rods, while the rear axle was stearable. It was essentially an upgraded model of SAF-30, which had only four wheels and proved to be hard to control as well had weak off-road performance. Both of those drawbacks were improved by adding second axle at the front of the vehicle, as well as many minor changes that in the end resulted in very capable and vastly reliable personal vehicle, tho it's top speed was claimed to be a mere 65km/h. If was produced without front passenger's seat, because the space there was inteded to store additional coal for engine, however many owner modified their SAFs and installed it, allowing it to comfortly transport up to five ponies and around half a ton of cargo at the trunk, located at the back of the vehicle.

Another adventage of this construction where the material it was made of, heavy duty reinforced cast iron, which proved to be almost completly bullet-proof against most standard type of bullets. All of those pros made the car popular not only in their home, city-state of Seventrych, but in Equestria as well, as many businnes ponies and other rich personas often imported them, either as a cheap work-horse for their industries, or just as a much cheaper alternative for a luxury equestrian automobile brand, the famous PegaCorn.

In year 96 ABC, one particular SAF-35 was found burried in a mud by Gear Indust and recovered with the help of Dee (The Rejected Ones) and Dethament. It was soon restored to worked condition, armored and armed with machine gun. This way, the Tin Toy was made.