Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Zodiac Clan
Family The Zodiac's
Status Alive

Deaceased(c.Ch 75.1)

Sagittarius is the oldest living Zodiac, excluding Professor Silver Stripe/Dr.Zodiac. He ranks as second in command due to his age. It was his idea to capture Blackjack and her Pipbuck as a surprise to Dr.Zodiac. He was scolded by the doctor later, afraid that his actions would make Blackjack unwilling to part or share the knowledge her PipBuck could unlock.

He appeared alongside the other Zodiac's in Dr. Zodiac's sanctum, standing off to one side.



He is an older unicorn stallion. His cutie mark like the other zodiac clan members, is likely the zodiac he represents, Sagittarius.


He wields a bow and arrow with talisman tipped arrows.

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