Salt Cube City is a pre-war city, made famous for the Salt Cube it is named after. It is the first major city along Route 52/Big 52 and is more well preserved than many other pre-war settlements.


During the War

Salt Cube City was a city on Route 52, the first major stop that ponies traveling the route from Canterlot would encounter. The city was made famous for the large salt cube stored in the dome, which attracted visitors to the city. The Salt Cube was struck by a balefire megaspell on the Last Day, which saved the city from complete destruction as the cube absorbed the megaspell and the radiation.

Present Day

Salt Cube City due to being largely intact, is now inhabited by a large population of ponies. The dome where the salt cube is stored, emits large amounts of radiation, making it uninhabitable to non-ghoul ponies. The radioactive cube has a ghoul settlement known as The Glow built around it, whilst the rest of Salt Cube is occupied by traders and controlled by the Hired Hooves and White Apples.

The city was almost destroyed by The Salt Cube, but the ghouls of The Glow managed to move it a safe distance away before it detonated.


Salt Cube City

The majority of the city is controlled by the Hired Hooves and the White Apples who hire themselves out as mercenaries. The settlement has an agreement with the Redtrotters who can provide passes to wastelanders, allowing them access to the city. The settlement acts as a trading point and rest stop along the Big 52. 

The Glow

The Glow is a settlement of ghouls inside the Salt Cube Dome (a prewar sports and events stadium) centered around the dome's irradiated salt cube. It is extremely hazardous to any non-ghoul creatures to approach the Glow not only because of the radiation, but also the feral ghouls wander around the edge of the Glow.


Salt Cube City's name is based on the real life city Salt Lake City.

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