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Sapphire Shores
Title The Pony of Pop
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Status Deceased
Sapphire Shores! The pony of pop.
– Rarity exclaiming in shock at Sapphire Shores appearance
Season 1 Episode 19

Sapphire Shores was a musician before the great war.


Before the War

Sapphire Shores was a celebrity prior to the war. She was awestruck by Rarity's diamond encrusted outfit and commissioned to have five more made with different gemstones.

After the War

Sapphire Shores music is still listened to in the Equestrian Wasteland. Her music is broadcast on DJ-Pon3's radio show.

Events of Silence

In the side-fic of Fallout Equestria: Silence, she plays a much larger role, the most notable being in the city of New Hampshore. There were a number of statues of herself, often damaged and vandalized and the terminal Zero found explains that she had lost her title by Suri Pollomare. Despite her objections and implying that Suri was obviously cheating, Prim Hemline had unfortunately decided that Suri was indeed the unanimous winner of a fashion competition, which led New Hampshore into a state of unrest, whilst Coco Pommel announced that she will no longer be doing fashion designs, as Sapphire herself had quit her job as a pop star.