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Scoodle was a young filly encountered by Blackjack during her first days out of Stable 99. Blackjack was doing her best to avoid Deus, and whilst avoiding him, encountered a group of Raiders and Crusaders. Blackjack rescued the Crusaders from the Raiders and followed them for awhile.

Scoodle led a group of Crusaders and explained a great deal of the Wasteland to Blackjack, like economics, factions and salvaging weapons. She agreed to lead Blackjack through Boneyard, a notorious part of Hoofington, that required extreme caution to pass through safely.

Blackjack spotted a box of ammunition off of the safe path and went to collect it, Scoodle tried to warn her, and P-21 warned Blackjack to listen. Blackjack was ignorant of the danger and ended up awakening the Ghouls lying in wait. The Ghouls attacked and managed to get their hooves on Scoodle.

The Ghouls tore Scoodle apart, devouring her until all that remained were the bones. Blackjack and the rest of the Crusaders were saved by good fortune as a Glowing one named Silver Spoon emerged and ordered the Ghouls to go back to sleep.


Scoodle serves as a painful reminder for Blackjack throughout her journey. Blackjack thinks of her when dwelling on her past failures and sorely wishes the filly hadn't died. Scoodle's death made the Crusaders angry with Blackjack for awhile, but Blackjack eventually manages to earn their trust and forgiveness.