Scorposprites are mutated Parasprites created by Hippocratic Research. They were among the many ideas for potential pets, along with Nightstalkers

They were created using Project Chimera


Scorposprites were created by Hippocratic Research 200 years ago. The idea behind them, was to create a pet that was capable of defending it's owner. It was marketed as a way of getting back at bullys & siblings by the Company's public faces, Flim & Flam.

As their name suggests, a Scorposprite is a fusion of a Parasprite and a Scorpion. The were encountered in Hippocratic Research by Blackjack, Rampage and P-21. They make nests and are fully capable of flying or crawling in pursuit of prey. They attack by using their venomous scorpion tails and fly together in swarms.

They were also used as weapons of war, deployed in the Zebra territories alongside Nightstalkers.


A Scorposprite is roughly the size of a Pony's head, whether their size is due to their creation process, evolution or radiation/taint is unknown. Scorposprites possess the tail of a Scorpion, complete with a fully functional stinger. The stinger is coated in venom, but can be treated by antivenom, brewed to treat Radscorpion poison.

They fly with a set of filmy wings that buzz due to the rapid rate of their wing beat. Shooting a Scorposprite's wings will not disable it as much as some of it's Bloatsprite cousins. A Scorposprite has legs with which it can begin scuttling along the floor with.

They build nests like other insects, where it is assumed they raise their young.


  • Created to be sold as pets
  • Deployed as living weapons in the Zebra homeland
  • Their venom is remarkably similar to Radscorpion Venom, given that an anti-venom brewed to treat Radscorpion venom can be used to treat Scorposprites venom.
  • They build and live in nests
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