A Scuttler is a creature found exclusively within Wintertrot. The creatures are hostile to most creatures, but seem to share a bond with Super Stallions who train them and keep them as pets and fight alongside them. A scuttler vaguely resembles a pony, its body moves with a series of mismatched limbs. Their heads have large yawning mouths that hide numerous barbed and sticky tongues.

A Scuttler is incredibly strong, able to lift a pony in power armor. They can also spit out radioactive bile over long ditances, exposing their victims to large doses of radiation.


Scuttlers resemble a mish-mash of creatures, fused together into a abominable form. They have various mismatched limbs for moving/crawling along the ground. They can fire radioactive bile from their mouths, to strike their prey and deploy a series of barbed tongues that whip and cut their prey, or wrap around the throats of their victims and strangle them.


  • Based on Centaurs from Fallout
  • Are considered abominations
  • Kept as pets and attack dogs by Super Stallions
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