Mr. Peace

Mister Peace an example of a unique Securitron Art by
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Securitrons are advanced war-era robots, built by Robronco.


Securitrons as their name implies, are robots primarily built to act as security bots. These robots primarily guard premises or an assigned target/master. The Securitrons unique design allows them to move with remarkable quickness. Littlepip did not personally encounter these robots during her journey. They appear in Fallout: Equestria side stories.

Appearances in Side-stories

Murky Number Seven

The unique Securitron, Mister Peace is located inside the Ministry of Arcane Sciences Hub in Fillydelphia. Mister Peace was built to protect Fluttershy, but protected Murky Number Seven when it mistook him for Fluttershy. A large number of inactive Securitrons were also mentioned as being in Grindstone's territory, the slaver hoped to use them as guards/slavers.

New Pegas

Securitrons are used by Mr. Horse to protect the city of New Pegas. The robots act as security guards, a police force and as the toll booth operators. They protect the gates to the New Pegas Strip, allowing access with a pass or with the appropriate amount of caps to pay the toll. New Pegas Securitrons are identified by "VIC", followed by a number, the acronym standing for "Victory-class Integrated Computron".


Securitrons appear in several chapters with some patrolling inside an abandoned house from an unknown location, whereas others have appeared when Zero and his allies were making a mad escape from a Tatzlwurm. They briefly fought against the monstrosity, but all of the Securitrons were destroyed by a ravaging Tatzlwurm, with scattered parts littered around the environment. To date, these Securitrons are the only machines that are directly hostile to the protagonist (and probably his allies).


Securitrons are large robots, towering over their pony creators. They have a boxy design, with two large shoulders which contain hidden missile launchers. They have two tubular arms with grippers to let them grab and manipulate objects, plus a television screen face in the middle of their bodies, that lets them show their current mindset or programming.

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