Shade, peaking from around Ripple
~ DAfavicon KibugamiKenzo
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare

Shade is an escaped slave from Neighwhere who built weapons for Hate before she escaped and met Ripple. She grew infatuated with him, and drives him to be a better pony.



Shade grew up in Anchor, the town that would come to be known as Neighwhere. She was raised by her mechanic father, and picked up his knack for fixing things.

When Stable 87 Opened, life was good at first as the ponies contained within moved into Anchor and used their business acumen to make Anchor a profitable beacon in the harsh wasteland. Shade's talents were put to good use around the town, and at first life seemed good.

Then everything changed, and the Stable 87 dwellers began moving into raiding and slaving. The non-dweller population was enslaved, and those that had uses, like Shade, were kept around while the rest were sold elsewhere for weapons and supplies.

Shade, due to her high proficiency with mechanical workings, was singled out to build weapons for the newly formed Paragons and their raiders.

It took four years, but she eventually found her chance and took it, making good her escape from Neighwhere. Injured, on the run, scared, she fired at the first pony she saw once in Hornsmith proper before passing out.




Shade is a blue mare, with dark blue mane. Her most noticeable feature are definitely her eyes. Shade has complete heterochromia iridum, meaning that her eyes are two different colors, blue and violet.


Shade is a quiet pony, but can be vocal when she needs to be. Very affectionate, she latched onto Ripple as soon as he woke up after bringing her to Blank and has spent much of her time since near him.

Shade is also prone to jealousy, glaring at practically any mare that speaks to Ripple, with only a few exceptions.


Shade is a talented mechanic, proving indispensable in repairs done around Blank in her down time, including fixing the hydraulics in the main gate and repairs done to the irrigation system used in growing the town's food.

Perhaps not a skill, Shade has a very calming effect on Ripple. Her very proximity calms his often turbulent mind.


Not much of a fighter, Shade has very light barding that she had to be convinced to wear, and a worn pistol that she escaped Neighwhere with.

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