Shining Armor was a large earth pony who operated as a mercenary around Red Light.



In Between Snakebite's Last journey through Red Light and his return, Shining Armor made a name for himself as a ruthless mercenary and bounty hunter. He is known to accept any job, no matter how morally repugnant it may be.

Present Day

Shining Armor was paid by Red Light's leader, The Don, to wipe out an orphanage in Red Light's cistern and recover an item that was stolen by Geri. Shining Armor broke into the orphanage, initially disappointed at losing the chance to wipe out the orphanage but excited at the prospect of killing Snakebite Tourniquet, as he has always wanted to kill an alicorn. Shining Armor fought a brutal battle against Snakebite and Geri, his heavy armor granting him a lot of protection.

He was beaten by Snakebite who used his Unkindness of Crows spell to terrify and blind the stallion, before moving in to kill him. His unique minigun, Silver Sword was taken by Snakebite.



Shining Armor was a large stallion who wore heavy armor that looked like it may have once been fully functional power armor.


Shining Armor was a particularly callous individual who would take on any job, even jobs that involved slaughtering foals. He seemed to enjoy testing his skills against tough opponents and eagerly tried to kill Snakebite. He also had little regard for his underlings, killing one of his fellow bounty hunters for taking too long to open a door.


Shining Armor was a skilled bounty hunter who was loathed by the general populace of Red Light for his methods. He was also skilled in using his heavy minigun with ease.


Shining Armor wore heavy metal power armor, that appears to have been heavily modified or was originally power armor that hasn't been maintained and repaired. His signature weapon was Silver Sword, a unique minigun.


  • His name is based off of Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle's older brother.
  • He apparently gets his name from his unique heavy armor
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