Sidekick is a Small Filly trapped within her Omni-Enviromental suit much like Puppy, though the bonding process was not as kind making her look much like a Feral Canterlot Ghoul. She discovers Puppy under the Ironworks at the door to it's Stable. She later follows her to the end of the Big 52 and is highly aggersive (re*) to the large amount of Ponies surrounding Puppy. After Creepy Voice assumes control of Puppy Sidekick's eyes go from Crimson to Midnight Blue showing a large degree of control Creepy Voice has on her, After the Necromancy dissipation spell is interrupted She is ordered to kill Henry, during this small battle Henry slashes her suit repeatedly with no sign of Pink Cloud destroying her claws, this shows that Puppy's binding process with the Pink Cloud may be unique to her and Sidekick is just a very strong Canterlot Ghoul. After the small battle Henry is launched off the Sea cliff onto the beach bellow. As Henry Awakens she has a short conversation with the Soul of Sidekick realizing she had just crushed her with the fall.

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