This rifle, she helped me see things I never would have before. Like a whole new world opened up. I named her Sight to the Blind.
– Ashred
Talking about his rifle with Ripple
Sight to the Blind is a unique Anti-materiel/machine rifle owned by the Griffin mercenary, Ashred.



Ashred and his younger brother Cutter previously worked for the Paragons in Neighwhere as caravan guards or taking jobs wiping out threatening gangs. Ashred made enough caps to have a rifle commissioned by the Paragon Sweeps, and named it Sight to the Blind after an old myth about griffin feathers restoring sight to the blind.

Present Day

Sight to the Blind was used by Ashred to assist Ripple when he cleared out a Raider nest near the town of Blank. The weapon has been his primary weapon, though Ashred realised the weapon wasn't nearly as effective as a short range weapon and so he acquired a pistol to compliment his rifle. The rifle is sometimes used to spy on targets from afar, Ashred can hold the heavy weapon with ease and frequently uses it whilst flying.

He promises to kill the Steel Ranger Notches who tried to kill him when the group were outside Orchard, using a specific bullet and his rifle. Ashred reveals the story of his rifle and his younger brother to Ripple after the assault on Blank by the Paragons Massacre and Skyline as a way to calm Ripple.



Sights to the Blind is a large, black Anti-machine rifle with an excellent scope on top. The weapon is notably large and heavy.

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