"Silver Spoon" Is a canonical character to the show. See Silver Spoon for more details.
Silver Spoon
Silver spoon by miketueur (small)
Silver Spoon as a filly.
~ DAfavicon Miketueur
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare

Silver Spoon is a mentioned-only pre-war earth pony mare and a resident of Fillydelphia. She was a friend of Diamond Tiara before and during the war.

Project Horizons

Blackjack encounters Silver Spoon as a Ghoul, possibly a glowing one type, in a graveyard shortly after she leaves Stable 99. At that point, Silver appears to still be looking for Diamond Tiara, her one-time friend from before the war. Unfortunately for Silver, Tiara is long dead and far away and Silver's glasses are destroyed and fused to her, making it virtually impossible for her to see much.

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