Title Wonderbolt
Race pegasus
Sex female
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave
Status Alive

Skydive was a member of the Grand Pegasus Enclave's elite hit squad, the Wonderbolts, in Fallout: Equestria. She was the leader of the team, always flying front and center of their formations. She demonstrated the Buckaneer Blaze unique special ability to buck her own contrail, setting it ablaze. She wields a magical energy rifle.

She was captured by Littlepip's party during their fight in the Everfree ForestLife Bloom used a memory sharing spell on her and the other Wonderbolts to convince them to stop pursuing them. After learning what was really going on between the Enclave and the surface world of Equestria, she and the other Wonderbolts weren't ready to act against the Enclave yet, but were willing to sit things out. She promised to look up Littlepip and her party after the dust had settled.

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