Snapper are a type of mutated crustacaen, found along the coast of Buckston.


Snappers are the mutated descendants of fiddler crabs, native to the region. Snappers are encountered along the Buckston coastline, but they can also be found making homes inside derelict ships. Snappers create flashbangs to daze their prey, before approaching whilst cloaked and cutting and killing their prey with their notably larger claw.

Mach and his companions, encountered a large number of these creatures on a derelict ship, just off the coast of Buckston.



Snappers are large mutated crabs, their shells are constantly shifting colour to match the environment. They are only visible when they are moving. Snappers have two claws, one of them being eneormous in comparison. They move around on six legs, allowing them to scuttle around quickly.


Snappers are carnivorous crustacaens. They have evolved a chameleon-like ability to camoflague themselves, allowing them to scuttle forward undetected. They can also stick to rooftops and walls to drop down on unsuspecting prey. Snappers have one notably larger claw that they snap together. This larger claw is coated in a pyrotechnic substance, causing it to create a bright flash of blinding light. 

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