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"Snips" Is a canonical character to the show. See Snips for more details.

Pre-war Snips as a young colt

A rather annoying unicorn stallion who worked as Rarity's head magician during the war.



Before the war, Snips lived in Ponyville where he grew up. He was best friends with another colt named Snails, the two became lifelong friends during their youth.

Snips and Snails were enthralled by a travelling magician named Trixie. The young impressionable colt that he was, Snips went into Everfree with Snails and ended up aggravating an Ursa Minor which followed them back to Ponyville. Thankfully Twilight Sparkle was able to put the Minor to sleep and return it to its cave.

During the War[]

Snips joined the Ministry of Image alongside Snails, working under Rarity. He became Rarity's head magician and was privy to information regarding soul jars and the Black Book. He created the statuettes for Rarity, with assistance from Snails, by splitting Rarity's soul into forty three pieces and placing one piece into each of the forty two statuettes, leaving Rarity with only one soul shard.

In other Stories[]

Project Horizons[]

During the war[]

Snips, Snails and Rarity first performed Soul Jar spells in Hightower Prison on volunteer test subjects and the prison's residents. They worked out the method for splitting a piece of a soul and imbuing that piece into an object by using Octavia as a test subject. Her contrabass became invincible and would allow Rarity to later split her soul into 43 pieces for her Statuette project.

Present Day[]

Snips, initially introduced as Shears, helped Blackjack break into Hightower Prison, intending to rescue his lifelong friend Snails, who had been trapped inside for the last two hundred years. He put a curse on Blackjack, similar to the soul jar spell when she tried to leave before they had rescued Snails, promising to lift the spell once Snails was safe. He died later, operating a terminal to allow Blackjack and Co. access to the upper portions of the prison. He told Blackjack that Snails could likely save her life, leaving her no choice but to find him.

Snips was encountered again when Blackjack was temporarily between life and death. They spoke briefly before she returned to living once more.

Ditzy Doo Chronicles[]

After the War[]

Snips appears in Stalliongrad, eighty years after the megaspell fallout. He has become an insane ghoul, believing he can resurrect Rarity by using one of her statuettes. He kidnapped eight different unicorns with white coats, similar in appearance to Rarity. His latest victim/sacrifice was to be Bonus Track, but he was stopped by the combined efforts of Ditzy Doo, MayRotting Tail and the griffin talon, Gnarl Grimfeathers.