Snowhounds are a subspecies of Hellhounds that have evolved to survive in the cold environment of Wintertrot. They are primarily found inside Wintertrot city or the surrounding area. Snowhounds attack in small groups, ambushing their victims by laying in wait under the snow.


During the War

Snowhounds were originally Diamond Dogs that lived in and around Wintertrot and other portions of the Far North. They notably worked in the mines, within Wintertrot, digging up gems and precious metals.

After the War

The Diamond Dogs survived the apocalypse, eventually becoming the Snowhounds that now terrorize Wintertrot.



Snowhounds resemble their Hellhound cousins, but have snow-white coats that allow them to blend in with the arctic climate of Wintertrot. Their white coats allow them to sneak up and ambush their prey.


Snowhounds prefer to use ambush tactics when choosing their prey, burying themselves under the snow, until they sense the ground being displaced above them. They are incredibly strong, able to lift a pony with ease, even a pony wearing power armor, using only their teeth. Their claws are capable of inflcting heavy damage to power armor and they can tunnel and move quickly beneath the snow.

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