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Sparkle-Cola is a consumable in Fallout: Equestria.


Sparkle-Cola was the most popular beverage in Equestria prior to and during the Great War. A carbonated soft drink, traditional Sparkle-Cola is a carrot flavored beverage similar to soda. After the war, Sparkle-Cola has remained a popular beverage and its bottlecaps are used almost exclusively as the de-facto currency of the Equestrian Wasteland. Sparkle-Cola's biggest rival, Sunrise Sarsaparilla, also remains a popular beverage and source of caps in the wastes.

Sparkle-Cola RAD

Sparkle-Cola also comes in a radish flavor called "Sparkle-Cola RAD". This radish flavored soft drink is intentionally radioactive, containing a mostly harmless radioactive element that gives it a distinguishing glow. Littlepip encounters a billboard near Manehattan that depicts the product literally glowing as part of its advertising campaign.

Advertisements for the product generally have the slogan "It's like a buck to the face! With radishes!".

Sparkle-Cola Quartz

Unlike both Sparkle-Cola drinks, Sparkle-Cola Quartz is a unique beverage (having only appeared so far in the side story of Silence and is not found anywhere in the Fallout: Equestria canon). It is a clear liquid in color which glows akin to the RAD, but when consumed, it causes the user's body to glow brightly, allowing them to see well in darker areas with increased DT. On the negative side, however, it has a higher level of radiation from consumption so extra care must be taken when consuming this unique beverage. It is tasteless which has no flavor and has no immediate effects until a few seconds later from said effects. While it can be consumed, it can also be used as a crafting item.

Sparkle-Cola Victory

The Sparkle-Cola Victory is another unique beverage (only appeared in the side story of Silence and is not found in the Fallout: Equestria canon). While it equally shares high radiations levels from Sparkle-Cola Quartz, the Victory increases Hit Points by 3 for 20 seconds and 10 Action Points for two minutes, but at a slight cost to a single Perception point. It has a bright red-orange liquid color to it and has a strong, sour flavor to it as well. Like the Quartz, it can also be used as a crafting item.

Sparkle-Cola Rainbow Crash

Appearing in the side story New Beginnings (not in Fallout Equestria canon), Sparkle-Cola Rainbow Crash is advertised as having the 'Taste of Real Zap Apples!' and is even more irradiated than Sparkle-Cola Rad! Given the rarity of the primary ingredient, this rainbow colored beverage is an uncommon variety, containing both the heavy dose of radiation and the electric tingle of zap apples.


Sparkle-Cola and Sparkle-Cola RAD are references to Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cola Quantum, the most popular beverage and source of currency in the Fallout series. Nuka-Cola Quartz and Nuka-Cola Victory are one of the few unique beverages that is only found on Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4: Nuka World.

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