Spike's Cave.
~ DAfavicon OmegaRidley

Spike's Cave
is the current residence of the dragon Spike.


Before the war, Spike had settled in this cave and was allowing his friend Twilight Sparkle, head and founder of the Ministry of Arcane Sciences to store a crusader mainframe built by Stable-Tec, but modified by herself to create The G.E.C.K, Garden of Equestria Creation Kit. Spike also had a massive library of pre-war literature, stored in his cave by Twilight to prevent Rarity and her Ministry from censoring them.

Spike, who slept through the war's end, now spends his time in his cave protecting the G.E.C.K and The Elements of Harmony. He spends the majority of his time searching for potential candidates to wield the Elements of Harmony and power up the G.E.C.K.

Spike uses a set of machines and computers to scour the Equestrian wasteland via sprite-bots for potential Element bearers, offering aid to individuals he sees as having potential to be bearers of the Elements, as he did for Littlepip. Within his home, Spike has a complete set of Statuettes, a collection of gems, and a collection of books belonging to Twilight.

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