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Spritebot 2

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Sprite bots are automated mechanical flying drones patrolling the Equestrian Wasteland. They were deployed by the Ministry of Morale to spread uplifting music throughout the land, and still continue to diligently annoy all wastelanders with their repeating polka music. They notably play March of the Parasprites. However, behind the innocent cover of spreading music, the actual purpose of the drones was to act as a country-wide surveillance and counter-espionage network, with each drone serving as independent network node.

Skilled hackers like Watcher and Red Eye can take full control of individual robots, and use them to communicate with people.

The sprite-bot consists of a round metal body the size of a foal's head, with four mechanical wings attached to it. It has a magic class laser weapon built into it, for defending itself against enemies.

Containing both mechanics and magic, the sprite bots are suggested to be a joint project between the MAS, MWT and MOM.

Sprite bots that have been in contact with pink cloud/ taint have been corrupted and their music is fatal to living creatures within close enough proximity to them. The only creatures able to withstand the corrupted affect is Canterlot Ghouls, which have been transformed similarly by pink cloud/ taint.

In other stories[]

Pink-E: Pink-E is a sprite-bot like robot head, in the form of Pinkie Pie. It has a rubbery skin over her metal frame that allows it to express emotions and has a personality nearly identical to Pinkie Pie's.

CD: CD is an advanced, combat model Sprite-bot that was discovered and reactivated by Appletart Longshot.

Scrap bots: Scrap bots are sprite bots that have been taken and modified for the purpose of keeping the junkyard secure, most of them have had their outward speakers removed or replaced.


No Sprite-bots have appeared in Silence, except for one, unused Sprite-bot that was used as a radio broadcaster by Homage as DJ Pon3, who was giving out the latest news before it became filled with static, rendering it non-functional.