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The Head Mares of Stable-Tec. From left to right: Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom

Stable-Tec is a technology megacorporation most famous for its life preserving Stable. They are also credited with designing and building the PipBuck, the common computer Terminal, and likely any other technology that continues to function despite having been built before and exposed to the megaspell event. Its former headquarters is located in Fillydelphia, but has been claimed by the Steel Rangers for their use instead.

Apple Bloom was president of Stable-Tec, with Scootaloo as vice-president and Sweetie Belle as head of public relations.

Technology & Projects.[]

Stable-Tec spearheaded numerous advancements in science and arcane science. The technologies they created are still used in modern-day Equestria.


Stable-Tec built Stables all across Equestria, their primary function was to save Ponykind from extinction and save lives. Only certain Stables were designed to work as advertised, many of them were experiments designed to try and prevent the mistakes of Pony kind from repeating. However, each of the experimental stables were given specific instructions to terminate the experiment and simply act as a control stable, should the experiment become too dangerous to continue, or simply be a lost cause.

These experiments included Stables with mixed populations i.e. Zebra & Pony inhabitants locked together. A Stable built to be run by a Crusader Maneframe and a male dominated Stable, replacing female figures in history with males, including equestria's ruling monarchs.

A few Stables were control Stables, designed to preserve the lives of the inhabitants, included the Griffin Stable - Stable 14 and the Pegasi Stable - Stable 98 which was stripped for resources by the Enclave.


The terminal was a major breakthrough in Equestria. It revolutionised the nation and allowed for complex calculations and data storage. Terminals can be used with hooves, but are also designed to interface with exterior devices, like a Pipbuck.

A Terminal is able to be password locked, it can be hacked by a skilled hacker, using their hooves or a pipbuck. Terminals can also continue to function even after their screens have been broken. Data can become corrupted as well, either through degradation or damage done to the terminal.

It is likely Stable-Tec had a hoof in constructing the Crusader Maneframes as well.


Perhaps Stable-Tec's greatest Legacy. Pipbucks were standard issue to every Stable in Equestria. The Pipbuck is a leg mounted device, designed with the pony's equine form in mind. A Pipbuck has numerous built in spells like Auto-Repair, for constructing better quality weapons from parts of other weapons. The Eyes Forward Sparkle or EFS for short is another spell, used to distinguish friend from foe. The Stable-Tec Arcane Targeting Spell, S.A.T.S for short is a spell that allows the pipbuck owner to halt time around them to carefully select specific targets with improved accuracy.

Behind the Scenes[]

Stable-Tec is based on the Vault-Tec Corporation from the Fallout series.