Stable 24

The first Stable besides her own that Littlepip encounters, Stable 24 is a dead ruin when encountered in the story and the source of one of the first 'Quests' Littlepip accepts.


Like most Stables, Stable 24 was the subject of a social experiment designed by Stable-Tec to seek ways to avoid the problems that led to the war. In the case of Stable 24 it is a reversal of gender roles in pony society.

Stable 24 has an Overstallion instead of an Overmare, posters and books have been edited to feature males instead of females in positions of authority, including a copy of The Stallion in the Moon, an alternate version of "The Mare in the Moon", which describes the Nightmare Moon prophecy. One of numerous signs of Stable 24's male-dominant social experiment.

Stable 24's Fall

During a magic test, a young unicorn filly named Quanta let out a flash of energy while merely trying to figure out a self-levitation spell. As a result, a number of pets kept by Stable 24's school were merged into a chimera that eventually killed Quanta and the rest of the inhabitants inside the Stable and threatened to escape by the time Littlepip arrives.

Littlepip's Exploration

Littlepip and Calamity briefly explored the ruins as a quest to shut the stable door. During their exploration Littlepip is bothered by the differences in the Stable as compared to her own. The discovery of the male dominant social experiment as jarring to her as little differences in the architecture. The stable was soon after flooded by Littlepip's use of TNT to divert a nearby raging river, killing all of the Chimeras, and thus completing the quest.

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