Stable 3 was the original home of the former residents of Zebratown. After the war, the Pink Cloud corroded the defenses of Stable 3, and the stable was abandoned. Xenith is a descendant of the Stable 3 dwellers.


Stable 3 was meant to be an experiment in coexistence between zebras and ponies to avoid another war.Billed as the 'Let's all get along' Stable derisively by Steelhooves, Stable 3's population was made up of an equal mix of ponies and zebras. Located beneath Canterlot as it had the highest population of Equestrian zebras, the Stable function for quite some time without issue and preserved their culture.    

Failure Edit

Sturdy as Stable-Tec construction was, the steady flow of Pink Cloud beneath Canterlot eventually ate its way into the Stable, forcing the survivors to escape before their refuge was totally consumed.The zebra residents of the stable traveled across the Equestrian Wasteland, attempting to learn about lost zebra history.  

Xenith's great grandparents were survivors of Stable 3, Her grandparents partook in the journey and eventually gathered an extensive knowledge of zebra alchemy, passed down to their children along with a great respect for Zecora.