Stable 79 is a location in the Foggy Isles in the audio drama series Confessions of a Wasteland Pony.

It appears in the third episode, The Duchess Horror.

Experiment & Results

Those familiar with the nature of Stable-Tec's experiments believe 79 to be a control Stable. There did not appear to be any secret experiment on the population at any point. Also, the controls for the cog door were not tampered with on a programming level in any way. The Overmare at the time of the Great War, Duchess Whitecliff, was able to open the door as soon as they deemed it safe to explore the surface six months later.

Stable 79 appeared to function exactly as promised, simply acting as a shelter to protect chosen residents from The Foggy Isles.

Another leading theory is that the Stable 79 experiment was designed to rekindle the age old unicorn favoritism which shaped The Foggy Isles. It is believed that leading up to The Last Day, Stable-Tec deleted all records and references to the book “On Race, Equality, and Magic" by Oakroot the Silent. The legendary historical figure's views on the potential of runic magic to bring about magical equality were well known in his day, but were quickly corrupted after his death. The existence of this thirteenth text of his was already mostly unknown. Erasing it completely would have been simple enough for Stable-Tec.

Instead, even passing references could have been replaced by much more divisive doctrine which affirmed the unicorn bias that informed the culture of The Foggy Isles.

If this theory proved true, than perhaps the experiment was to see if such bias would be somehow beneficial to survival in the post-apocalyptic world.

Even with the records sanitized as they were, a member of the noble family would leave the Stable centuries later to seek out the truth. Duchess Rose Petal would eventually return with a copy of“On Race, Equality, and Magic" and begin reshaping Manechester's future more in the vision of their esteemed founder.

Notable Residents


  • "Well, I was born in what is now called New Manechester. We have slowly been restoring our home since re-colonizing it from the depths of Stable 79. Well, not depths… Stable 79 isn’t Tartarus, it’s... just… utilitarian. Function over style... It still proves to be useful as a power source, hospital, and a few other “city essentials” that New Manechester relies on it for." - Duchess Rose Petal
  • "The original crest was carved into a block of limestone by Oakroot himself. The red and gold colouring and flourishes were added centuries later. However, the original limestone slab still exists to this day. It was set into one of the walls of Stable 79’s atrium." - Duchess Rose Petal

Behind The Scenes

  • One of the the reasons for Stable 79's "control" status, is that it was a quid pro quo for the influence Manechester runic magic played in their technology.
  • At the same time, Stable-Tec would have been worried that if any "alternate" systems were placed in the stable for experimentation, the runic magic users of the island may potentially discover the experiments early and blow the whistle on all the other stables as well.
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