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A star-spawn fighting Steel Rangers at the Battle of Stable 2.

Star-spawn evolved from the mighty Ursa Majors and Minors and were not unaffected by Radiation and Taint. A Star-Spawn's features are practically invisible; much like an Ursa, its body is seemingly composed of Stars.

These creature were named 'star-spawn' by Xenith when they encountered one in Ponyville, attacking a group of Steel Rangers. Littlepip and company provided aid and managed to kill the creature. Its limbs were practically invisible, which made fighting it extremely difficult and dangerous. Steelhooves, due to his prior experiences in fighting Ursa's, helped kill the Star-spawn in Ponyville.


Star-spawn are exceedingly strong creatures; they can easily demolish buildings like a barn with ease. They are practically invisible, which makes fighting them even harder and more dangerous. The roar of one is enough to send a pegasus like Calamity off course.

In Side Stories

Project Horizons

A star-spawn lived in Black Pony Mountain and emerged during the Reaper's stomp with the Highlanders. The star-spawn killed and ate Reapers and Highlanders alike, forcing the factions to call a draw and retreat.


  • The one encountered in Ponyville was a baby. Likely a reference by Kkat to the Ursa Minor from the show.
  • They are very, very big. So big that Littlepip's Pipbuck couldn't register it as a threat due to its size.
  • Star-spawn are feared creatures of zebra mythology.
  • They are more aggressive than pre-war Ursa's.