Star-wolves are a species of pack hunting wolves that were encountered within Evefree forest by Coin Slot.


Star-wolves are creatures similar to pre-war ursa's. Their skin looks like a starry night sky, just like a Ursa's body. The wolves reside in forests, a small pack/group of three were seen hunting two slaves that Coin Slot had sold to Raiders earlier, the former slaves were killed by one of the wolves which turned its attention to Coin Slot.

The wolf lured Coin into a recently formed crater where she found a mysterious object. The object turned into a Mesmetron and fired off three blasts, one at each of the approaching Star-wolves. The blasts proved lethal causing the wolves heads to expand and explode rather spectacularly.



Star-wolves have astral coated bodies, similar if not identical to ursa's. This likely makes them harder to see in darker environments. They are predators that feed on meat and have no qualms about eating ponies. They are effective hunters, using their sharp teeth and claws to tear open the throats of their prey.


Star-wolves have been shown as effective hunters, one of them easily managing to kill two unarmed ponies. They are also efficent pack hunters, one of the star-wolves backed Coin Slot into a crater whilst two other snuck up behind her.

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