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"Star Sparkle" Is a canonical character to the show. See Twilight Velvet for more details.
Star Sparkle
Star Sparkle

~ DAfavicon Starryoak
Race Unicorn Pony Canterlot Ghoul
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable City
Family Twilight Sparkle (daughter)
Status Alive

Star Sparkle is the mother of Twilight Sparkle. She was in Canterlot when the megaspells fell and survived the fallout, turning into a ghoul, specifically a Canterlot Ghoul. She lives near Stable City but she is shunned by its inhabitants due to her daughter's involvement in the creation of the Alicorns. She also owns one of seven Twilight Sparkle statuettes.

She is fused to a wheelchair, unable to properly use her rear legs for walking anymore. She knew SteelHooves from before the war and speaks with Littlepip and her friends during their visit to Stable City.

SteelHooves is angered at Star Spakle's treatment and makes Littlepip promise to take her to Tenpony Tower once they are finished with their business with the Goddess. Littlepip agrees but never gets the chance as the Enclave arrive on Equestria, shortly afterwards.

Star Sparkle is most likely dead now that the Enclave has leveled the Canterlot Ruins, during their Operation: Cauterize.


  • Bound to a wheelchair, like Elder Cottage Cheese.
  • Mother of Twilight Sparkle.
  • Named Twilight Velvet in the show.
  • Owned one of the exceedingly rare Twilight Sparkle Statuettes.