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I guess not dumb rocks. Just dumb ponies and zebras.
– Sweetie Belle's posthumous confessional to Zecora
Chapter 43

Starmetal is a unique, extraterrestrial mineral that comes from outside Equestria. It is commonly found in asteroids, meteorites, and other rocky bodies found in space.


Starmetal first arrived on Equestria inside a meteor that landed not far from the Castle of the Princesses Celestia and Luna in Everfree Forest. Luna found the meteor and forged a unique set of armor from it, that would become the signature armor of Nightmare Moon

The Starmetal armor was mostly destroyed and shattered when the Elements of Harmony were used again on Nightmare Moon a thousand years after her initial banishment. A piece of the armor survived and was kept by Luna in a small box, which was entrusted to Midnight Shower, her royal astronomer. Midnight Shower took the piece of star metal to Zebratown to learn of their fears and superstitions regarding Luna and Starmetal. The same piece of Starmetal was later discovered by Doctor Glue, a scientist working with Red Eye at the time and was tasked with studying it for them, his research notes told that the Metal itself wasn't "cursed" in any way, and theorizing that the meteor that fell in the Everfree Forest long ago possibly contained an extraterrestrial microorganism that infected Luna that caused her to turn into Nightmare Moon, along with mutating the forests ecosystem into what it is today.

A cornerstone was left in Zecora's hut, it was from a boulder that came off of the meteorite that landed a thousand years ago, Sweetie Belle -while excavating the area for the construction of Stable 101- decided to cut the boulder to make the cornerstone as an apology, while leaving behind a posthumous confessional for Zecora. Xenith, completely overcome with anger towards her people for ignorantly starting a war with Equestria all those years ago because of a simple rock from space, crushed the cornerstone in outright anger.

The Star Blasters are possibly made from Starmetal.

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The exact properties are unknown, it can be molded into armor and weapons like traditional metals found on Equestria. It was suggested that an alien bacteria may have been responsible for Luna's change into Nightmare Moon and not caused by the metal itself. Doctor Glue, while studying a piece of Nightmare Moon's armor that was recovered from Zebratown; came to a possibility that the same unknown organism that infected Luna might also be responsible for the twisted and dangerous ecosystem found within the Everfree Forest.

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  • Starmetal is feared by the majority of Zebra, believed to be dangerous and evil.
  • In many side stories, Starmetal is considered to be a super strong alloy, which makes it similar to Saturnite from Fallout New Vegas in both name and function.