Steam Town

Steam Town is a town located in Oceania on the open ocean, constructed from three steamboats washed up on a sandbar.

Riptide and company visit Steam Town briefly, to get medical treatment for Sorbet. Riptide takes a job to exterminate a rattlemanta nest, as well as a quest to turn on a radio tower requested by Short Wave, a radio show host and trinket shop proprietor. Riptide is paid handsomely, and also gets a Super 8 home-movie camera as part of the deal.

Shortly after the job was completed, Riptide (who, up until this point, was disguised with his large cloak) was discovered by the town to be a Seapony. He is banned from entering Steam Town again, on the basis of "being a mutant", as they have never seen another of his kind before. Sorbet and her daughter Éclair, however, are free to come and go as they wish. The party soon leaves the settlement, their business concluded.

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