Race Unicorn
Sex Male
Faction/Role Enclave (Infiltration)
New Appleoosa Resistance
Status Alive
Steampunk is a supporting character in Fallout: Equestria - Resistance.

History Edit

Background Edit

Steampunk is a pony who was born after the Enclave's takeover of Equestria. Despite being raised around the Enclave to be a loyal citizen, he was not among those who were able to turn a blind eye to the suffering they caused in order to keep his luxurious lifestyle away from the wasteland. As a result, Steampunk secretly joined the resistance while maintaining a facade of a loyal supporter of the Enclave.

Present Day Edit

He was assigned as Sparkplug's supervisor in the Enclave controlled New Appleoosa, unknowing of the fact that Sparkplug was really Littlepip's altered identity. He took her to the Resistance's base beneath the factory, built due to the inside job done by both himself and the likes of Coffin, and introduced her to the cell. He then took her to Silver Bell and Life Bloom before departing.

For Littlepip's mission to destroy the Hades Tank factory, Steampunk is set to provide extraction via vertibuck when the time comes. He does so in a timely manner, evacuating the group before the ensuing detonation could consume them all.

On his return to New Appleoosa, he would later find Sparkplug sulking in an Enclave bar, sipping a Sparkle-Cola. He would bring her back after explaining some of Silver Bell's history with Death Scythe.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Despite being raised by the Enclave, his heart was pure enough not to be corrupted by their fascist agenda or otherwise turning a blind eye to their own corruption in order to keep his lifestyle safe and secure. He wishes to see Equestria brought under the rule of a more benevolent entity, one that doesn't have the conquest of the world and elimination of all non-ponies in mind.

Skills Edit

Steampunk is a very good liar, he has to be in order to maintain the facade of being loyal to the Enclave. He is also a skilled technician, being assigned as a mentor to the disguised Littlepip when she was sent to work at the factory in New Appleoosa.

Equipment Edit

Sparkplug, like many Enclave workers, is equipped with a PegWing 6000, a slightly upgraded version of the PipBuck 3000 created by the Enclave.

Relationships Edit

Life Bloom - Life Bloom was the one who secretly pulled some strings and arranged that 'Sparkplug' be assigned under Steampunk by the Enclave, with the assistance of the stallion himself. Life Bloom neglected to inform him of the mare's true identity, however.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Without the help of Steampunk, the resistance cell in New Appleoosa would have been discovered long ago.