Steeljack is one of the main protagonists of the Fallout Equestria sidefic "Starlight". Steeljack is an earth pony stallion who was once a security officer for the town of Mall.

Steeljack was introduced in Chapter 1 of "Starlight" as a companion for Violet and Star.


Steeljack is an ex-mercenary who once worked with the Talons as a contract mercenary. After his work as a mercenary, he floated from job to job, finally ending up as the acting security officer for the town of Mall, a town situated off of the "Mall of Equestria". Steeljack joined Star and Violet after he assisted the two in clearing out a group of psychotic bio/cybernetic robots inside the mall. Steeljack later reveals that he is atoning for past sins, his wife having been a merc with him on a contract that ended in her death. Steeljack is now currently in an intimate relationship with Patch, having found a true friend and love in the green mare.



Steeljack is an earth pony with a grey coat and black mane / tail. He consistently wears his worn down power armor and battle saddle. His cutie mark is a silver hammer overlaid on an anvil.


Steeljack is rough and gruff, but fiercely loyal to his friends. His experiences as a mercenary have traumatized him greatly, and he has a hard time trusting anypony but himself. Star has managed to break through this steel exterior to an extent, and he now considers her a true friend.


Steeljack is an expert with most firearms, except for heavy weapony such as miniguns or sniper rifles. He prefers to use his custom battle saddle rifle, which doesn't have a name as Steeljack feels such things takes away from the impact his weapon has. He prefers to let his weapon be heard through its actions rather than by name.

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