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My name is Stern, and this is my town.
– Stern to the new slaves
Chapter 25
Stern holding her whip.
Race Griffon
Sex Female
Faction/Role Red Eye

Slavers - Leader

Status Alive

Stern is a griffon talon and minor character and antagonist in Fallout: Equestria. She is Red Eye's second in command.



Stern is a Griffon working under the command of Red Eye in Fillydelphia. She is the leader of the slaver gangs throughout the wasteland, tasked with collecting slaves to use as sacrifices and free labor for Red Eye's master plan. She wields an Anti-Machine Rifle in combat and frequently uses a bullwhip to keep slaves in line.

Present Day[]

Stern was sent by Red Eye to stop Littlepip's friends from reactivating one of the S.P.P towers broadcasting capabilities and capture them. She was instead captured by Littlepip's group and ransomed back to Red Eye in exchange for Littlepip and Xenith.

It is revealed in Chapter 45 that Xenith and Xephyr killed Stern after a rooftop confrontation and dogfight during the Battle for Fillydelphia.

In Other Stories[]

Murky Number Seven[]

She commands the griffin Talons and most of Red Eye's army. She was personally dispatched to quell Barb's raider rebellion, but held off under instructions from Protégé. She assaulted Barb and the Raiders when Protégé managed to send her a signal, the griffons killed many of the raiders and rescued Protégé and his strike force. She was enraged to discover Ragini's wings had been torn out and wanted to kill every slave in the mall. She was convinced to hold off long enough for Murky and Protégé to find and Kill Barb. Murky accidentally put a heavy dent in Stern's armor when he was blown into the sky and landed on her.


Razorbeak mentioned working alongside Stern during his time as a young griffin in Fillydelphia, stating she enjoyed being a slaver too much for his tastes. He had to leave Fillydelphia when a fight almost broke out between the two, Red Eye terminated Razorbeak's contract, much to his relief.