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Strawberry Lemonade
Knight strawberry lemonade by vector brony-d80u237

~ DAfavicon Vector-Brony
Title Knight


Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Steel Rangers - Formerly

Applejack's Rangers

Status Alive

Knight Strawberry Lemonade is a young Earth Pony mare and former member of the Steel Rangers.



Strawberry Lemonade served with the Manehatten contingent of the Steel Rangers, under Elder Cottage Cheese. She saw SteelHooves as a role model and his morals as an example to follow. It's also implied that she had just a little bit of a crush on him.

Present Day[]

After refusing to target Littlepip and her companions after Steelhooves had killed the Starspawn outside Stable 2, Strawberry Lemonade stood down from the crusade, unwilling to attack the stable, but also unable to fight against her own. After the battle for Stable 2, Strawberry Lemonade joined SteelHooves when he broke away from the rest of the Steel Rangers and founded what would become Applejack's Rangers.

Whilst guarding Cottage Cheese, she was incapacitated and trapped in her power armor, unable to stop the Elder from attempting to upload his mind into the Crusader Maneframe in Stable 29 after numerous failed attempts to gain the Black Book and turn the Maneframe into a Soul Jar.

She was rescued by the rest of the Rangers after Littlepip caused a blackout, preventing Cottage Cheese from fulfilling his goal. She took over as leader of the Manehatten contingent of Applejack's Rangers when SteelHooves left to assist Littlepip. She later took permanent control of the Applejack's Rangers contingent. She was killed defending Spike's cave during the Battle of Dragon Mountain. Her grave marker is visited by Fluttershy in the Afterword, 10 years after the events of the story take place.