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Stronghoof's Rifle is a lever-action rifle, originally owned by Stronghoof



The rifle belonged to Stronghoof, who used and maintained the weapon throughout his life in Ponyville. He kept the rifle after he was exiled by his son Raider, using it to protect himself at his camp by the Macintosh War Memorial. The rifle was passed on to Ditzy by the elderly Stronghoof, who claimed he wouldn't need it any longer.

Eighty Years Later

Ditzy owned the rifle for the next eighty years. She became skilled in using the rifle and modified it with a specialised bolt for faster reloading. The rifle proved instrumental in numerous battles Ditzy was involved in, before it was destroyed in a fight with the crazed ghoul stallion, Snips. Ditzy Doo would replace the rifle, with a semi-automatic, silenced rifle, which she named Stronghoof's Legacy.


Stronghoof's Rifle was originally designed to be used by griffins. The rifle is powerful for a bolt action weapon, once damaging a Steel Ranger's helmet.