Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush and her cybernetics
Full Name Sugar Rush
Race Pegasus


Sex Mare

Sugar Rush is one of the protagonists of Fallout: Equestria - Dark Shores.



Sugar Rush, unlike most ponies in the Oceania region, was not born there. She ended up in Oceania after being pulled into the Storm Wall, causing severe injuries, including the loss of her wings and hind legs. She drifted, stranded on a cloud thrown from the Storm Wall for several days before finally being taken in by a kindly group of ponies at the settlement of Drydock, who saved her life and gave her the cybernetics needed to survive.

Present Day

Sugar Rush encountered Riptide in an old secret facility on Summer Sunset Isle. She initially attacks Riptide and his companions, but is pinned to the ground by the titular Seapony before she can do any major damage to the team. She agrees to work with him and eventually she becomes more friendly towards Riptide, agreeing to accompany him on his journey.



Sugar Rush is a cyberpony, she has two cyberarms where her wings used to be and she has a light blue coat and a multicolored cables incorporated into her grey/blue mane. All four of her limbs are cybernetic as well. Her buttocks are described as being notably large, due to her high sugar diet required to power her cybernetics.


Sugar Rush is fairly easy going. She is extremely passionate about sweets of any kind.


Sugar Rush has cybernetic eyes that give her enhanced vision, and she can connect her brain directly into most computers. Sugar Rush also has great skill with magical energy weapons. Her diet consists of high sugar foods (namely sweets) which power her cybernetics, thus allowing her to consume amounts of sugar that would normally be lethal or cause health problems to regular ponies.


Sugar Rush's primary weapon is a mining laser.

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