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Summer Sunset Isle Territory (Bird's eye view)

Summer Sunset Isle


Summer Sunset Isle is an Equestrian territory in the Oceania region. Despite it's name, it's actually made up of 8 islands, deriving it's name from the largest and most famous island.

While under Equestria's government, Summer Sunset was never made an official province.


Diamond Harbor:  A re-purposed naval port previously owned by the Equestrian Royal Navy. The port and immediate city is now a trade town, featuring a high quality of life. It has developed its own currency and most buildings have power. Amenities such as plumbing and central air conditioning are common place.

Fun Facts

  • Summer Sunset Isle, due to it's resources and strategic location, was the major hub for most of the Equestrian Navy. It also had more military installations per mile than Equestria.
  • Of the eight islands, only four of them are populated. 75% of the population live (and still do) on one island.
  • The Doo Doodles Entertainment corporation (a cartooning and film enterprise) was founded and based here. It has since built several studios and a theme park.
  • Summer Sunset Island, (the actual island, not the territory), has four active volcanoes. Interestingly, each one erupts during the equinoxes and solstices.
  • Was rated the #1 location to vacation at by the Daily Inquirer, with it's sandy beaches, lush forests, beautiful landscapes, and surrounding ocean.
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