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Super Stallions are a unique type of mutant pony, encountered within Wintertrot. They are much larger and stronger than normal ponies and populate Wintertrot in great numbers, especially around the commercial district.


A typical Super Stallion is larger than an average pony. Their flesh bulges with muscle and their skin is tight and stretched due to the rapid growth of the muscles, the skin breaks during this process and heals over. These gaping wounds leave the hide of a Super Stallion heavily scarred and considerably tougher. All Super Stallions are bald, their fur and manes moult and fall out permanently.

Super Stallions are also too large to wear normal pony armor or clothes. They fashion armor and saddlebags out of scrap metal, including sign posts.


A Super Stallion is tough, when a pony mutates into a Super Stallion, their skin begins to stretch and become tight. This is because of the accelerated rate of muscle growth, occuring beneath the skin. Their skin breaks, creating large, gaping wounds that heal over and leave massive scars.

A Super Stallion's flesh takes on a greenish, yellow colour after they mutate, they also lose their fur and mane which falls out, leaving them bald. Super Stallion's catch regular ponies and use them as a food source, technically making them cannibalistic.

Super Stallions whilst larger, tougher and stronger than a regular pony are also less intelligent.