Not that I had much to say to these brutes anyway aside from my repertoire of colorful metaphors.
Chapter 2

A true wastelander knows how to swear in style.

Oh Celestia have mercy! / Sweet merciful Celestia! / Celestia's mercy! Littlepip Everywhere
Oh, Celestia damn them to hell!


Oh fuck me with Celestia’s forehooves! Littlepip 04

Luna dammit!

Littlepip 06 & 14
Oh for Celestia's sake! Littlepip 08

Luna rape you with her horn!

Littlepip 08
Oh Goddess... Littlepip 08
Luna-damned. Fucking. Creepy! Littlepip 09
Sit on my horn and spin Littlepip 10

Luna fuck me with the moon.

Littlepip 11

Celestia burn him!

Littlepip 12
Welcome to...the Luna-Damned Shithole. Merchant 13

Luna shitting moon rocks!

Littlepip 15
Stick a horn where Celestia don’t shine! Littlepip 16
Good. Goddess. Celestia. Littlepip 17

Solar-flaring orgasms of Celestia!

Littlepip 18

Oh fuck me with the moon. Moon, sun, both of them. Rape me hard.

Littlepip 18
Oh for the love of Luna. Littlepip 19
Celestia and Luna damn them both to the burning... Littlepip 19
Celestia's solar-flaring mareheat! Littlepip 20
Luna’s tidal mareheat! Littlepip 22

Celestia clop my clit with a hoof-full of sunfire!

Littlepip 23
Luna rape them with Her horn! Littlepip 25

Celestia suckle me!

Littlepip 25
Luna clop me with Her wings. Littlepip 27

Oh Goddesses fuck me in a three-way, ...


The stars curse me to a thousand rapes by the horn on Nightmare Moon. Xenith 29

Celestia’s solar-heated libido!

Littlepip 30

Luna-eclipsing orgasms! The Goddess-damned Hellhounds were taking out the fucking foundation!

Littlepip 31

Celestia rape your cunt with the burning sun if I can’t even take simple instruction from myself! Do I have no fucking self control?

Littlepip 31

Oh no. No. Celestia rape me with a solar flare, no.

Littlepip 34
Great Goddesses, and I thought I'd seen all the fucked-up shit this wasteland had to serve up. DJ Pon3 35
By the ballsacks of a thousand star-devils. Xenith 36

Celestia lick me like she loves me!

Littlepip 36

Luna spank my withers!

Littlepip 36
Well fuckity-fuck. Littlepip 37
Luna's moaning moonheat! Littlepip 40,41
Luna shove my cunt full of moonrocks and call me home. Littlepip 43
Holy hot sex with Celestia! Littlepip 44

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