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"Sweetie Belle" Is a canonical character to the show. See Sweetie Belle for more details.
Sweetie Belle
CMC sweetie belle
Sweetie Belle as a young mare.
~ DAfavicon IrkenGeneral
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable-Tec, Head of Public Relations
Family Rarity (sister; dead)

Velvet Remedy (distant granddaughter)

Status Deceased

Sweetie Belle was a female unicorn and Overmare of Stable 2. She is a pre-war character in Fallout: Equestria and one of the founders of Stable-Tec.


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Before the War[]

As a filly, Sweetie Belle met Apple Bloom & Scootaloo, fast becoming friends when they realised that neither of them had their Cutie Marks. They formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders and set about finding their special talents. Sweetie Belle primarily lived with her older sister Rarity, in their home/family business, Carousel Boutique.

During the War[]

During the build up and eventual open conflict with the Zebra Empire, Sweetie Belle founded Stable-Tec alongside Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. Sweetie Belle was also a famous singer, who recorded albums before the war. Her relationship with her older sister was strained, being forced to do so much work, neither mare had much time to see the other.

Sweetie Belle alongside her two co-founders, created the Stables, a series of bunkers that were designed to save the lives of ponies by providing them with shelter from a possible/imminent, Megaspell fallout. During the construction of the stables, certain stables were selected to perform long-term social experiments on their inhabitants, in a bid to discover where ponykind went wrong and prevent history from repeating itself.

After the War[]

She is the only one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders that died peacefully, as Overmare in Stable 2. This was also Applejack's resting place. As Overmare, she denied Applejack's repeated request of opening the stable's door so she could look for her fiance, Applesnack.


Rarity - Despite the lack of contact the two sisters had during the war, Sweetie Belle still cared deeply for her older sister and often worried about her.

Scootaloo - Sweetie Belle was a childhood, lifelong friend of the pegasus mare and founded Stable-Tec with her.

Apple Bloom - Sweetie Belle was one of Apple Bloom's lifelong friends and business partner. They worked together closely, arranging for a stable to built under Apple Bloom's family farm



Sweetie Belle was a light grey/white mare with a mane that was split into purple and pink. She had green eyes, her Cutie mark is unknown, but it was possibly music related given her talent for singing as a youth and the fact she released albums when she was older.


Sweetie Belle displayed excellent business and organisational skills, establishing Stable-Tec and working with companies like Robronco. She is also an exceptional singer, displaying her talent for singing at a young age.

As a unicorn, Sweetie Belle had access to magic, though beyond Telekinesis, it is unknown if she mastered any other spells.