Sword Mare (Story) is a non-canon sidestory spin-off of Fallout: Equestria, written by ReifuTD

Sword Mare, written by ReifuTD, is a story inspired by the comicbook series Sword Mare which was featured in Fallout:Equestria.

Setting and Plot

Captain Zero Endless well testing a new Equestria Space rocket, Is sent though time when the rocket explodes from Zebra sabotage. He finds himself in a world of both the future and past where all historical Equestrian figures exist as part of the future and his past. The land is filled of monsters and mutated ponies.

Zero is save by an Earth Pony named Claymari known to the lands as Sword Mare and her adopted Unicorn daughter Philia. Now He travels across in hopes of finding a way home. But the Zebra Azrael from Zero’s time pursues them.


Main characters



Captain Zero Endless


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