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Taurus Statuette.png
Taurus Statuette.
~ DAfavicon.png Burnout42
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Zodiac Clan

Reapers - Formerly
Highlanders - Formerly

Family Zodiac Clan

Bluebelle - Sister

Status Alive



Taurus, originally called Bulldozer is a Highlander that grew up in the Highlands along with his sister Bluebelle. He showed a fondness for explosives and would often bait Hellhounds living near the mines close to Blackpony Mountain with them. Bulldozer didn't stay with the Highlanders and decided to strike out on his own. He went to Hoofington where he eventually joined the Reapers.

Bulldozer eventually grew bored or dissatisfied with the Reapers and left them, joining the Zodiac Clan instead. He took on the name Taurus after the Zodiac symbol and likely had the Taurus Zodiac sign covering his cutie mark, like other members of the Zodiac Clan. Taurus's defection also soured Big Daddy's Reapers attitude to Reapers working with or for the Zodiacs.

Modern Day

Taurus was partnered up with Gemini (Gem & Mini) after trying to make a deal with Caprice to hand over Blackjack, which failed as Blackjack couldn't be drugged and captured by Caprice. Taurus and Gemini attacked Blackjack when she was talking with U-21 and P-21 as they were trying to decide what to do next. Taurus and Gemini attempted to take out Blackjack in Flank, since earlier efforts by other Zodiac Clan members proved unsuccessful. Taurus acts as a long range combat specialist and provides fire support for Gemini using his custom mastercrafted hunting rifle and a rocket launcher.

Taurus died attempting to bring down Deus during the conflict in Flank which also killed his partners, Gemini. Blackjack acquired his unique hunting rifle and added it to her own growing arsenal of weaponry. The rifle was later given to Bluebelle to remind her of her brother.

Equipment & Abilities

Taurus is assumed to be an expert with explosives given his youthful obsession with them. Taurus is also a good marksman, skilled in using his customized rifle.

Taurus owned a custom mastercrafted hunting rifle and a missile launcher which he used to great effect.