The Chariot Hotel is one of the major settlements used in the Falout: Equestia side fic Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony. It is located in Detrot.

The Chariot Hotel
Leaders(s) Manager, Bottle O'Jack, Memorandum, Ollie Factory (formally), Setting Sun, Bea
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony


A well preserved luxury resort hotel in the northern Detrot run by a council of 6 members. It is one of the nearly completely intact buildings in in Detrot. It is Finders trading hub in the Detrot area. Many carivans stop there on thier way to through the Equestrian Wasteland, many having rooms that are reserved for them almost indefinitely. The Finders Market is located in the main ballroom along with the bar. The Bar serves a house special, invented by the bartender Bottle O'Jack, called The Party Time Cocktail (or it's nickname the Forget-Me-Shot). It also has a makeshift clinic in part of the lobby.

It is in a serious state of dsrepairr, the steps that lead to the upper floors appear to barely support thier own weight, but are suprisingly sturdy.

Connected via hole in the wall is The Detroit Gazette a pre-war newspaper in the industrial city of Detrot. New jobs are listed on a bulletin board in the main room.

This settlement was destroyed by Marker. Though most residents left some moved into Stable 16 which was used for hotel storage.


Before the War


During the War


After the Apocalypse

Resettled by 6 ponies and established as a trading hub in Detrot. Eventually the Finders aided in the expansion of the trade center.

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