A Pack of Timberwolves

Timberwolves are a pre-war species of carnivorous pack hunters found living in the Everfree forest.


Before the War

Timberwolves were known to reside in Everfree forest and were shown as staying near wild groves of Zap apple trees. A pack of Timberwolves pursued Granny Smith after she had wandered into a wild grove and begun picking Zap Apples. The wolves revealed themselves and pursued Granny Smith, chasing her back to her fledgling farm, Granny smith began rattling a ladle against a pan which drove the Timberwolves away.

After this, Granny Smith learned to observe the Timberwolf howls to know when it was time to harvest the Zap Apples.

Post War

Timberwolves likely continued to make their homes in Everfree. No timberwolves were encountered by Littlepip and her friends, they were likely driven off by Red Eye's army and their cleansing of Everfree Forest.

Side Stories


Lord Zeal, a general working under Red Eye, has large packs of Timberwolves at his command. He sent a small pack of Timberwolves in pursuit of a group of ponies who arrived at Red Light a day ahead of him, still pursued by Timberwolves. Snakebite Tourniquet managed to kill them and took a Timberwolf seed from its dying mother, promising to raise it. Zeal also sent a large number of them to attack when he began his siege of Red Light.

Guise of Chaos

A group of Bone white Timberwolves are encountered in a dead forest by Ripple and his friends. The wolves were capable of avoiding Ripple's E.F.S on account of how well they blended in with the forest. They hunt in packs, smaller groups going out searching before they stealthily approach prey and attack. One of the pups was taken by Fluster as a pet.



Timberwolves appear to be wolves comprised of wood and timber. They had leaves for eyebrows and jutting curved branches for ears. Their eyes also glow luminous yellow at night.


Timberwolves appear to be nocturnal, given their habits of howling at night and hunting Granny Smith at night. They are carnivorous pack hunters, that can attack in quite large numbers. Their eyes glow yellow and given they hunt at night, they likely have heightened sense of vision/night vision.

The average adult TImberwolf is larger than a pony and its skin is comprised of wood and bark like their namesake. They live in forests and have a connection with Zap apples, howling at specific times before the zap apples become fully ripe and fit for harvest.

(Misfits)They grow from seeds much like a tree, as shown in misfits.

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