Tin Toy (pol. "Blaszana Zabawka") was an armored car built upon SAF-35 and appeared in Fallout Equestria: The Rejected Ones. It was owned by Gear Indust, who was it's main driver and mechanic alike.

History Edit

SAF-35 automobile was found burried in deep mud by Gear Indust after The Rejected Ones found their new home near Ponyville in year 96 ABC. She, alongside with Dee and Dethament managed to dig the vehicle out, and later repair it and outfit it with armor and machine gun. The crew also painted it's name and a hoof print of every member on the car's body. The very next day, when Gear, Dee and Dethament were aressted by NER forces, Tin Toy now under control of Republic soldiers were driving at the head of the convoy, when the Amazon ambush came. Driver and gunner fled the vehicle, which in turn was claimed once again by Gear and Dee, They used it to pursue the escaping Amazon plooton, which has captured a few prisoners, including Dethament, and lay machine gun fire on them. However, at one point the Tin Toy burried in a mud, so Dee jumped out and continued a chase herself, only to be nearly killed by the amazon Valkyrie. Gear managed to scare the warrior of using the machine gun, then she take heavily wounded pegasus back into the car, somehow managed to get it unstuck and drove to Ponyville's hospital run by Foals of Apocalypse to provide proper medical attention to Dee.

When Dee, Gear and Ice Slash were searching for captured Dethament, they drove Tin Toy into north-east Equestria, encountering some feral ghouls on the way, as they proved to be not a threat for an armored vehicle.

Later, when The Rejected Ones were once again captured by NER and forced by captain Midday Sand to work for them, the car was outfitted with New Equestria Republic symbols (two-headed alicorns) and rearmed with 20mm automatic cannon at the front and two 5.56mm machine guns on both sides. In that configuration it fought in the battle known as Winged Avenger's extermination, where it provided a support fire for NER troops and it's front cannon managed to destroy Avenger's defensive structures.

After that, it was once again modified by Gear Indust, this time with a proper hatch ontop as well as some mechanical improvements which increased engine's performance. Some time later, the car, alongside with all the Republic forces, was taken to Canterlot, to participate in the defense of the city.